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Industry 4.0:
 Transparency and innovation vs. cost pressure


There is a conception claiming that one must buy cheap when one must buy the right quantity at the right time. 
Some sectors are advanced (sport, textile…) others lag behind. 

Factories are not yet ready for customization that is going to be unavoidable, and there is a duality between the reality of what the customer wants and what factories are ready to implement: the requirement for transparency from the consumer and governments is something that forces the industry to transform itself.

And when it comes to crisis management: are companies, buyers, factories prepared?

- Transparency and the customer
- Risk management and risk crisis
- Legislation change
- Digitalisation
- From the 19th-century industrial chain to the 21st-century one

Transparency is not a brake, it is an accelerator.  


An initiative of the French Chamber in Hong Kong.